AUGUST 29 Wednesday

Posted on: Aug 31, 2012 at 02:50
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Laundry day at Kokomo local laundromat. That was an experience with a clerk who just wasn't very friendly and pretended not to hear a word I said. There's no water in the washer and it is washing the clothes dry. She just walked over ¾ of the way to the washer and said “There's water in it now.” “Well thank you very much” I said and went back to loading the other washers.


Now to the dryers...... first dryer took 3 quarters and didn't register anything so back to look for the clerk. Now that clerk left and another younger lady was working. She was so nice and came right over and unjammed the dryer and was so helpful. Thank you Lord for a pleasant helpful clerk.


Back to the motorhome we showered and got ready for dinner. Bill and Cathy took us to La Hacienda for a mexican dinner. Bill and Dudley went to the garage to get some race car parts. Their son Jamie and daughter Olivia came over and we enjoyed her entertaining us.

It was a very nice evening with the Fredericksons. Said our goodbyes as we would be leaving in the morning for Tipton.

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