August 25

Posted on: Aug 25, 2012 at 11:45
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Today was the day we laid my friend Dorothy to rest.  We met at the cemetary with the family in a private service.


Following the service we drove to Faith Community church for the luncheon.  We all enjoyed the large spread of so many dishes of food and chicken and ham.  It was so hard to say goodbye to all the family as they have always included us in their family gatherings as long as we lived in Indiana.  They were our family too.

We drove from the church to Riverwalk Village to pay a visit to Laverne McClure.  She is another friend we met after moving to Indiana.  She is 74, blind and bedridden and was enjoying her lunch as we entered her room.  Dorothy & I helped her pack up her things and clean out her apartment several years ago when she was getting ready to enter the nursing home.  We had to break the news of Dorothy and how she died to Laverne.  After a nice visit we prayed with her and wished her well.

We drove back to Pastor John's house where we have the motorhome/race car and trailer parked. Janis prepared a nice dinner, Chicken parmesian and linguine.  We have totally eaten too much today.

Need to practice singing a song for tomorrow as Pastor John has asked me to sing again this week since we will be attending his church again tomorrow. 

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