Aug 8 Wednesday

Posted on: Aug 09, 2012 at 01:03
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Started the day off with a cool morning.    We got a good nights sleep.  Breakfast was out of the way and maybe now relax a little..... oh no..

We are going to turn the motorhome around and back the trailer in the yard first and then unhitch it from the motorhome and I get to direct him in.   ( I feel like the flag man at the airport.)  But he is so good at handling the big load and he got it right in with no trouble.  Then he jacked up the trailer and was able to free the ball and pulled the motorhome up and it was free.


After that Dudley decides to munch on his favorite treat..... Wheat thins... Crunchy but something is moving in his mouth.....   ANTS !!!

He has a mouth full of ants....   His lip is swelling up inside... they bit him. Then there is a bite on his arm and now his leg.  Ouch!!!  

Hey I'm the one who always gets bit.....and swells up allergic.  This isn't funny but what can I say....???  Get the benedryl...


After dinner together, Dudley and John went again to the Gospel sing tonight at the Atlanta Christian Church to hear the group "Adam's voice". They again enjoyed the music and came home to tell us all about the message in song.




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