Aug 6 Monday...Back home again in Indiana

Posted on: Aug 08, 2012 at 02:15
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Aug 6:   Here we are arriving in Indiana and it is a beautiful sunny day.  We decided to stop at a Walmart and replenish our food supply.  So lets take this exit in Huntington, IN.  Whoops where is the Walmart.... temperatures are soaring and we are being directed in circles by the idiot lady on the GPS.  I guess she can't see our extended length of over 65 ft. and we can't make all those sharp left turns.  She just took us around the town in a circle and we ended up back where we started.     After our visit to Walmart she now directed us through back roads and we just passed the first exit for Huntington, IN. again.   ( I wonder where they get their personnel for the GPS....  sounds like they are slightly above plant life ! )


Arrived in Elwood, Indiana about 8 pm and pulled into our friends yard and reunited with our long time friend John Dockery & wife Janis.

Cool night here to sleep again.


Aug 7:   Got to sleep in this morning as John and Dudley went to a Gaither's Men's meeting in Alexandria.  There were about 100 men in attendance this morning.  They came home all hyped up about the speaker and the relationships.  

Evening came and we went out to eat Mexican before going to a church in Atlanta, IN for Gospel music preformed by Tim & Cheryl Youngblood.

A fine performance and gospel message to touch our hearts.  They tour around the U.S. and many countries in Europe also.  Tim and Cheryl are on fire for the Lord. 

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