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Posted on: Aug 04, 2012 at 03:06
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Thursday  Aug 2 :  Big doings up town Pemberville.   Street Fair,  Car Show....  Lots of vintage cars....lots of food and merchants had booths and tables on the sidewalk...and music and a live band... "The Stan Wayback".....or was it?  ("The Stand WayBack Band") anyways...Lots of people to talk & witness with.  After a long walk up town, we walked for 3 hours back and forth till it was over.  I enjoyed foot & leg cramps all night..... but as we saw many people in wheelchairs; I give thanks that I can walk and enjoy my occasional cramps at night.  The little bridge we crossed over to walk up town was over a river and well you could count the rocks in the bottom and you could walk across it without the bridge. They really need rain here in northern Ohio. 


Friday  Aug 3 :   Dudley and Gene went to the 250 Speedway in Cadiz, OH to participate in the Vintage American Race Cars run.   Gene took one of his cars that he couldn't get to run in Orlando last year.  They worked on it most of the day and got it ready.  He finished the race.  They enjoyed the competition.  Got to visit with John Lawhorn, the president of the V.A.R.C.  He joins us in Orlando with the vintage DAARA assoc. There were several familiar cars to Dudley that he raced against when he was young and in his prime.  John took him around and introduced him to the group.  Gene had a successful shake down night for the 07 car; lots of interested spectators and competitors alike.  They stopped at Taco Bell on the way home.  Long hot night.  Still no rain here in Ohio...  The corn and all the products they use it in are really going to be high next year.  I guess I should be stocking up on cans of corn when we get home. 


Sat Aug 4 :  Today the guys are headed over to John's Beaberbuilt complex to pick up Dudley's race car and trailer.  They will be working on the trailer today as we are preparing to leave Monday for Indiana. Will update more about the races they are going to tonight.....   later. 

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