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SAT Aug 4:   Continued.... 


The guys worked on the race car and the trailer.... dark clouds moved in fast.  Warnings of terrible thunderstorms came on the TV.  Predictions of 1-1/4 Inch hail and strong winds expected.  Gene and Honky Tonk Angel ( His dog ) went into the house but wanted us to come in to be safe but we rode out the storm here in the motorhome.


We got the rain, thunder and lightening.  Several places around the area were losing their power.  We only got heavy rains, lightening & thunder & strong winds.   Was going to try to get back on internet to search out a church for Sunday service but too much lightening.  It was a cool night worked on the trailer getting it ready for travel.  He repacked the wheel bearings and connected all the necessary lights we would need to travel with the 25 ft trailer behind the motorhome.

Later in the evening Gene said we were going out to dinner.  He drove us to Toledo to the famous Tony Paco's restaurant that was made famous by "Klinger" Jamie Farr from the series Mash.   He mentioned it on the shows about his hometown Toledo, Ohio and wanted to go back and enjoy one of the famous sausages from Tony Paco's restaurant.   It was delicious Hungarian food and had memorabilia all over from Jamie Farr and the Mash shows with autographed pictures and it was sure a treat to be there.

MON Aug 6:  Bright and early we headed off in Gene's truck to the famous Kear's Racing Shop in Tiffin, OH.  We walked in on a busy Monday morning and met Shirley Kear's daughters Vicki Wickham and Micki Tusing and grandson Craig Tusing working behind the counter.  Craig was working so diligently while Vicki gave us the grand tour of the shop.  Lots of memories for Dudley.  We missed seeing Shirley as she had already left for Knoxville, Iowa for the Knoxville Nationals... home of the Sprint Car Hall Of Fame which will be this coming weekend.

After leaving there we decided to run by Rick Ferkle's house.  He is one of the original World of Outlaws.  He is known as the "Ohio Traveler". And for not seeing Dudley for at least 15 yrs he walked out and said .... Hello Dudley how are you?    He had with him Christopher Bell, his new young driver from Oklahoma.  We'll be watching for this young man to excel with a great mentor like Rick.  The zero "O" lives on.

Returned back to Gene's and said goodbyes to him and Honky Tonk Angel and drove out with our motorhome and race car on the trailer.  So in addition to a project of getting our house ready when we return home we will also be working on this dirt modified to get it ready to race in the DAARA vintage events.

Goodbye OHIO and now we are on to INDIANA>>>>>

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