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Posted on: Aug 11, 2012 at 06:35
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After a week in Elwood we are packed up and headed north to Gas City Speedway. After parking we went to the office to register.  They put us on the guest list and we entered the track.  We were treated so warmly by the track office manager, Nona and promoter Tom Brenner.  Nice people who run a great business at the track.

It was a cold windy wet night in Gas City.  Threats of rain hung over the speedway but the drivers prepared the cars and were ready.  The rains held off until just before the short intermission.  There was mist in the air.... but it was holding off and actually blowing over.  So the races went on and there were a few mishaps.... cars rolling over in cartwheels.... but thank God no one was hurt.  

The evening was really a lot of fun.  Watching the races was great.  We talked with a lot of the drivers and especially enjoyed talking with        86 year old Ralph Liguori.  John Dockery & Dudley enjoyed reminicing with Ralph and just hearing some of the stories.  I wished I could have been around in those day too.  Brian Clauson won the A main.  Dudley was talking with Bob East, Tracy Hines, Billy Peterbaugh, Josh Spencer, Jamie Frederickson, Ron Shuman, Joe Liguori and many others.  I met some of the wives and girlfriends of these guys.  Now I really enjoyed being there and supporting the Jamie Frederickson team.  Jamie got hit hard by a car and it busted his tire, wheel, jacobs ladder and rear hub. That put him out of the race for the night. Sad because he had finished 3rd in his heat race and we were looking forward to a good finish in the A main.   

Walked to the motorhome following the sprint races and saw that someone had backed their truck diagonally in front of our motorhome and blocked our exit.  So much for leaving early.  We had to wait for the man to return to his truck, remove his sweater, fix his seat and belt and then slowly pull out.  Arghhhhhh  !!!!!   

Valparaiso, IN  here we come to visit with our son Chris and his family.  After stopping in Peru and servicing our tanks, we headed north.   Arriving around 1am so excited the kids were waiting up for us.   Chris decided to order sub sandwiches at 1:30am and we all enjoyed our late night dinner.   Chris and I talked till about 3am and then I returned to Dudley who had locked me out of the motorhome.  But he woke up and eventually opened the door.   



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