Are you living an "I Mean It" Life?

Posted on: Jan 11, 2012 at 12:00
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Wednesday Jan. 11, 2012

Are you living an "I mean it" life?

"Get upstairs and clean your room right now”... "I mean it!"

“I'm going to start my diet tomorrow”.... "I mean it!"

"When things slow down, I'll start spending more time with my kids”.... "I mean it!"

"I can't live like this anymore. Something has to change”.... "I mean it!"



  Those three little words carry such significance. They express determination and intention-- an understanding of need for a change.

Do you carelessly react to random events in your life, not thinking about where your decisions will ultimately lead? Or do you realize that every moment matters not just today or tomorrow but for all eternity?

Instead of groping for significance in a random world, you can begin to live the life God intended for you ... a life of profound meaning, clear purpose, and eternal value. Scripture tells us "Don't live carelessly unthinkingly. Make sure you understand what the Master wants" (Ephesians 5:17)

The entire Bible explains the answer to this question. God created each person to have a loving relationship with Him. Although we are separated from Him by our sin, He made a way for us to come back to Him through the sacrifice of His Son.

Jesus lived a perfect life, died on the cross to pay for our sins, and conquered death through His resurrection. God designed and carried out this plan to say to you, "I love you and I want to have a relationship with you, no matter the cost. I mean it!" So what God wants is ... YOU!

Simply ask forgiveness for your sins and surrender your life to Him. As you come to know Him better through prayer and reading His Word, you will find the purpose and meaning your life was missing. And you will experience the joy that comes only from living as Your Creator intended... in a loving relationship with Him.

You can accept Jesus as your Savior right now! Pray this prayer and mean it with your heart.

God, I believe You created me to love you and be loved by You. Sin pulled me away from You and I have lived carelessly, not realizing the significance and opportunity of each day. Please forgive me for my sins and bring me into a loving relationship with You. Help me live with purpose all the days of my life, knowing each word and action has eternal significance. I love you, Father. Amen.


Note:  We heard of a dear friend's passing last night and I pray her heart was ready to meet the Lord.    


Are you ready?   Right now?  Right this second?  

We are not guaranteed the next second... Why not pray the prayer above and be ready now?  Pray daily and always be ready.  This world makes no promises to us... Think about all the earthquakes, tornados, Tsanamis, hurricanes and natural disasters that are occuring.....  These are all prophesied in the Bible.  He is coming soon......... Please make your hearts ready.  

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