Posted on: Jan 23, 2012 at 02:02
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We are already beginning the fourth week of the month and the new year. If you are like me you are behind on all you need to have done by this point. I was wondering however if you could take a minute and call that friend that you have been thinking about that is going through some stuff right now? Possibly there is a family member that you would rather not contact but really needs to hear your voice. Did someone ask you recently to keep them in prayer and it just slipped your mind? Remember when you commit to pray for someone that is a three way covenant between you, that person and God.

I hope today that you will take a minute and share yourself with someone who truly needs to hear your voice or needs a word of comfort that only you can give. Jesus was never too busy and he only had three years to do his work for all of us. Not only will the other person you touch be lifted up, you will be also. As the commercial once said,"reach out and touch someone". God Bless.

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