Posted on: Sep 07, 2011 at 10:01
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To those of you who have inquired, the "Anti Racing League" continues. Yesterday someone wrote that most racing has ended because of high school football and other fall activities. These folks should notify all series that have races scheduled this coming week of the fact the season has ended. I looked at the up coming list  of events on hoseheads and was shocked to find most series still running a full calendar of events. Many weekly tracks are still running points races. Season Over?

Instead of promoting what is remaining of the 2011 season they have written it off and are discouraging fans at a time when they should be trying to promote the sport that feeds them. Some still say that when "Speed Weeks' are over the season is in decline. The tracks that are promoting tight points races should love that. Special events fill the fall calendar but we are told interest has diminished. Perhaps it is reporting ability that has diminished. If they don't want to cover late season races, so be it, but the season still has a good way to go for those that promote their product. Yes, the Anti Racing League is out there but car counts and attendance continues to show them for the uninformed amateurs they are. Lets go racing...

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