Another Trip to Panama City

Posted on: Jan 22, 2013 at 01:33
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This is the continuing Fiasco with the shopping trip, friends car breaking down and the toilet breaking on Dudley.

Well Sat morning we rose early and after breakfast we drove to Panama City to find a toilet we could afford.

Luck was with us as we stopped in at Habitat for Humanity and found the base of a toilet for 5.00.  Just the right price for our empty wallets.

There was only one little thing wrong with the toilet.  There was a frog living in it....with water.  So after Dudley and the worker tried to get him out they decided to just plug it up and he would flush him out with a garden hose when we get it home.  

So off we go to Lowes to get the necessary ring and whatever bolts and then home to install it.

Got it together and tried it on Sat night but it leaked all over the floor.  Ok get out the cement again and seal it again.  

Sunday morning after I complained about going out into the cold morning air to use the bathroom in the motorhome he goes in and turns on the water and we have a flood again. So he gets it dried out again and cleans up the floor and cements it again.  We hurry and shower so we can head out to take me to Sunday school.

Sunday school goes good and it is time to get up and go to choir... as I stand I lose my balance and end up in another lady's lap.  My vertigo is back and I have no balance at all.  So two ladies walk me out into the outer room in the church and I sit waiting for Dudley who is running a little later than usual.

Two ushers walk me into church and I sit.  No singing in the choir for me today.  Last week I tried it and as we rose to leave.... two different people held my hand and over to the steps and I used the railing and with help down the steps my friend Karen lets go and I walk right straight into the wall.  Whoops....   Take off our robes in the back room and was helped out to our seat in the congregation.

Sat most of the time but when it was time to leave.... I was staggering and couldn't stand at all.  So Dudley and Phillip walked me out arm in arms to our car.  

Bringing me up to today well I seem to be a little be more sober today and was able to get some laundry done and fixed us a taco salad. Dudley worked most of the day putting the two new tired on the motorhome.  But he did have a time getting it jacked up enough to get those big tires on it.  He came in for dinner with a big knot and two big scratches on his forehead and a cut on the top of his head.  The motorhome sits low to the ground and he always get battle scars from it when he has to crawl under it. 

Looking forward to tomorrow.... we are supposed to go to Port St. Joe....  

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