Posted on: Dec 17, 2011 at 02:40
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Just out of jail, a recovering alcoholic is being hailed a good Samaritan.

Alexis Ortiz found a wallet at the Mobil gas station at Walton and Sashabaw in Waterford yesterday.

Inside the wallet was enough cash to tempt even the most honest person: $1,000 in cash, credit cards and a man's identification.

The Ortiz family is struggling, but this father of seven did the right thing and called police.

â€"It's a miracle, actually. I was the right person to found it [sic]. The Lord put me there, so I give him all the credit,” Ortiz said.

â€"God gave me a second chance, and I just want to take advantage of it.”

Police say they found the owner of the wallet, a contractor, who lost it the night before.

Mr. Ortiz will be fine. He is truly recovering.

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