Posted on: Mar 23, 2011 at 03:11
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National Speed Sport News is ceasing publication and closing, effective with this issue.There isn’t any good way to digest this news, because this newspaper has been a great deal more than ink and paper. It has been our community, our identity, our trusted friend. A weekly visitor that brings news and information and a connection to the sport we deeply love.

This newspaper has informed and influenced the sport for 77 years; throughout that period no media entity held greater respect and credibility than Speed Sport News. Since 1934 the people involved in the paper made it professional and solid; yet, it never felt like a distant corporate entity. It was something that belonged to all of us; it was our paper.

It is impossible to measure the impact this publication has had. Collectively, you can trace the growth of motorsports directly through these pages. Four generations of readers have pored over the words and photos, gaining greater understanding and appreciation for our sport.

Goodbye old friend. My daughter sold the paper through the stands in western PA when she was just a little kid. They were friends and great for our sport. This is truly an end of an era.


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