Posted on: Apr 08, 2013 at 12:37
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The city added a thousand-dollar insult to an already painful injury when it demanded that a Brooklyn cyclist pay for damage to the police car that struck and sent him flying.

“I think it’s preposterous,” said Justin Johnsen, 31, who received the $1,263.01 bill from the city last month for the Nov. 5 accident on Flushing Avenue that left him with deep cuts that required stitches.

“I was upset. I was in kind of disbelief that they were going to send this letter after four months or so and ask me to pay damages for their vehicle, when they hit me when I was on a bicycle,” added Johnsen, who was not ticketed for the crash.

GIMME A BRAKE: Justin Johnsen with the $1,263 bill he got after a cop car hit him.

The case is at least the third in recent months in which the city has billed people for damages to police cars that hit people.

And after The Post made inquiries about Johnsen’s case, it became at least the third time the city abruptly dropped such a stunning demand for money.

“They should be sending an apology letter instead of a bill,” fumed lawyer Daniel Flanzig, who took the case pro bono after learning that the city was threatening to sue Johnsen if he didn’t cough up the cash.

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