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You have no idea how bad 'public school' is
'Indoctrination' showcases 'diabolical strategy'
perpetrated on nation's youth

Filmmaker Colin Gunn calls it the "most diabolical strategy ever perpetrated on the Christian Church," "more damaging than the homosexual agenda" and "more insidious than feminism."

You probably know it better as your local school.

It's the focus of an astonishing new DVD documentary, and today only, WND readers can get their copy of "Indoctrination: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America" for only $4.95 – a radical $15 discount off the normal $19.95 price!

In "Indoctrination," Gunn, a Scottish filmmaker and homeschool father of seven, takes you on the field trip of a lifetime. Driving an old school bus, Colin and family travel across America, asking questions about the origins and social impact of American's public education system. Colin asks:

    Who established the American public school system?
    Are my kids physically and morally safe in the schools?
    Are the public schools religiously neutral?
    Should Christians try to be "salt and light" in public schools?
    Can the public school system be fixed or redeemed?

Featuring interviews with whistleblower teachers, administrators, students, parents, and others, this film is part documentary, part testimonial, and totally captivating. Above all it is both an encouragement and challenge to the millions of Christians who need to know what God's Word says about the discipleship and training of the next generation.
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