We Are Still Here

Posted on: Aug 20, 2014 at 02:28
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We are still here even though we took a hit on all of our electronic devices. The motorhome was struck by lightning Monday morning. The fridge, tv and other things in it were taken out, then the ambient static electricity came into the house and wiped out most electronics there as well. Computers are fine but net equipment and all the tvs are gone. Much has been replaced but the internet company will not have us back up to Friday at the earliest. Even if we are offline we keep up with prayer requests and other ministry business with our phones. Never are we not going to honor your prayer requests if at all possible. We are here no matter where here might be at the moment. Thanks to all who have offered help in some way. Stay tuned for everything to be back to normal soon. We give thanks that we are both fine and that the damage was no worse than it was. We have to remember to give thanks in all things. Sure Baby the cat went through one of her nine lives that morning.
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