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A few months ago there was this item circulating on Facebook for women to honor breast cancer by posting a place you would go to for the number of the month of your birthday..... well mine was New York for 9 months.

So everyone was calling and consoling Dudley about me leaving.  Well that was far from the truth.  Facebook is silly and sometimes just plain nuts and addicting to most of us who venture on it.

The truth is I have been dealing with lots of situations here in our house.
      Did I ever mention how I dislike BUGS ??  All kinds and all SIZES....  They forgot to mention when I agreed to move down to Florida that it was the "Bug capital of the world !"

Well we went up north to WV in June this year to help my Mom with her health and her house only to return home in August to find these ugly creatures were invading our home.  We have spent endless hours and lots of bug products  and lots of money and finally we have relief and I feel like cooking again. So he has to caulk all the windows and put Visqueen on all the windows before they come back again..... 

Next excuse for not updating my column is my Mom was taken to the hospital for an infection on her leg and then congestive heart failure.  She was moved to a rehab nursing home and now we are dealing with them about her not being able to go back home ever again.  So my son in OH and I in FL are trying to figure out just how to find a place for Mom in WV.  The good nursing homes are full, but the other ones have openings and lots of bad reviews.  We are just hoping they will not discharge her until we find a nice place for her.  

Now Dudley & I could go and live with her and take care of her but her house is not equipped for all her problems and plus my husband can't do the cold and is already fretting about going back up into that cold, snowy, icy weather.   But I told him to find our winter coat and boots, if we didn't get rid of them, and we have to go north young man !   

He finally got the Explorer restored and we got it licensed and now I am too short to get into it so I strained my shoulder pulling myself up to get in the seat.   If it is not one thing it is another.

So I apologize for not updating my page.... but thankful that you are all so caring continue to pray for all the prayer requests that all of our followers post.  

With God's help, together with my son we are going to accomplish this task.

The saddest thing is having to tell her we are going to move her but not able to take her home again.

Take care and have a blessed day!  

The sad daughter

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