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Posted on: Feb 03, 2015 at 03:30
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We have been blessed to have our friend Gene Steele visiting us from Pemberville, OH.  Along with his truck & trailer he has brought his antique RU21 race car.  

He attended church with us Sunday at the Taunton Community Church and after church we put my stuffed peppers on hold, he offered to take the RU21 down to the Children's home and take the kids for rides in it,  complete with a helmet.

Gene takes this antique car all over to different events not only race related, but openings of business just to name a few.  He lets the kids ride or just sit in it with the helmet on and then their parents get to take pictures.  Making lasting memories of when they got to sit or ride in a real race car. 

The kids of all ages enjoyed this fun activity as Gene drove them all around the grounds.  The fun part was watching them climb into the car.  As most of you know there are not functioning doors on a race car; so you have to climb in through the window.  it was quite an experience for the youngsters.  However we did talk one of the house mothers, Lisa Combs to get in and that was interesting watching her maneuver climbing in and getting out.   Everyone had a exciting time and will be talking about it for quite some time to come.

No who had the most fun?   Gene Steele, of course,  the man who has a big heart for the children & families.  He was grinning from ear to ear and as the kids piled in the car while others wanted to stay in and keep riding; he was so patient and just kept driving them around till they had enough.  Then there was Cinder the black dog who just couldn't get enough of playing ball with anyone who would throw it for him.  He continually would bring it back and place it at your feet, over and over and over. 

We only one little guy who was afraid to climb through the window.  I was with him and I was sure that I would get stuck in the window.  Gene did manage to get Dudley in for a ride with his buddy.  Enjoy the pictures.........

Come on Mr. Dudley I'm waiting!   says:  Cinder.

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