Posted on: Jul 02, 2014 at 12:46
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   These day, some people would have us believe that truth is relative, something that changes from one circumstance to the next --as though that makes it okay for us to be untruthful.

   But there is only one truth and that is God's truth.  God's truth is so full of honesty, sincerity, and integrity that you recognize it immediately; so much so, that it is the truth that does not have to be stated.

Living and walking in truth is the greatest path to the righteous of the Lord.  Our example of divine truth is the walk of Jesus.  Jesus was faithful to the truth of God and steadfast in His beliefs.  This is what God expects from us as well.

Psalm 25:5  Lead me in thy truth, and teach me, for thou art the God of my salvation: for thee I wait all the day long. 

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