Posted on: Jun 23, 2013 at 06:44
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The Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series made it's way to Pittsburghs Pennsylvania Motor Speedway Saturday. They produced 20 cars to do battle on the big half mile. For me this was a real reunion night. Just like coming home as we spent many nights touring the long PPMS straights.
The Beabers have been friends for years since Johnny and I raced together many seasons ago. Pam had the guys at the top of their game Saturday night. Tony started the feature in about 8th hole and used restarts to advance to the front. He went high in one and two to gain spots then found grip on the bottom to maintain his lead. Dad, Johnny lost his brakes early in the going but was able to hang on through the restarts to come home 11th. All in all a good night for the Beaber family.
This giant half mile is fast and the fans were treated to some great racing. There was good competition in all divisions with cars using the whole racing surface to thrill the people. This was a good night of racing with a lot of friendships renewed. The BOSS series ran their deal smoothly and may be something to watch in seasons to come. They use a minimum of staff and have plans to expand their schedule as time goes on. Nice folks to work with and it would be great to see them down our way in Florida in February.
This was certainly a memorable night. Tony did the family proud and the fans enjoyed as good as good a show as could be found anywhere in the country. Thanks to the Mileys this was one to remember. Great to see everyone from seasons past and meet new folks as well. Looking forward to our next visit.
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