Posted on: Feb 26, 2014 at 07:53
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RAIN RAIN and more RAIN!  Well it's better than the snow snow and more snow that we had up in West Virginia.
The ground is soggy as it has been coming down most of the night and early this morning and still coming down.
Later the sun will come out and it will all dry up.  Florida is good like that.  

We are still unpacking but not too much since we have boxes & tubs all over the place until we can get the busted water pipes repaired.  We purchased the plastic pipes & fittings yesterday on our trip to Panama City; so either today or tomorrow will be the day.  As long as we have to wait for the kitchen and washroom, I keep cooking microwave meals in disposable containers and only have the silverware to wash.  I can live with that for a while. 

Poor Dudley has so many projects here that need done plus the ones he wants to do, but that keeps him young. Last night he put up a shelf for me and then hung a swag light that needed put up. 
Me on the other hand, I have lots of reorganizing to do just to get the house back in some kind of sensible order. I think I have to start pitching out some of this long collected junk and make room for the new collected junk.

Most of our friends & family down here have stopped by to welcome us home, some have even brought meals for us to enjoy.  It is good to have people who care about us and missed us.  Thank you all for caring and especially all your prayers for safe travels up and back.  

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