Posted on: Oct 19, 2013 at 09:09
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Hi DAARA family,
We are once again invited to go to the Ocala Pumpkin Run, set our cars up to show in the kids section October 24th -27th.   We have a race at Auburndale Speedway on Sat the 26th. JT and I will be there to set up on Thursday.  There will be a few others come in on Friday and a few early that Sat. morning.  We plan to be there until around 2 pm on Sat and we will drive down to Auburndale to be there in time to set up for DAARA and the event there.  
We do not pay to get into or to show at the Pumpkin Run.  If you have motorhomes, they do not charge our people to set up by a beautiful large pond area within eye shot of our cars. We do this to help our dear friend John out with his charity for the Children's Home Society.  It also is such a blessing to see the kids faces, all smiles when they get in our DAARA cars, as well as many adults.
If you can come one, two or everyday please feel free to come join us.  We have a good time visiting with one another as well as the many people there. There is good entertainment, food, crafts and of course cars, cars, cars!   We usually all meet for dinner after the end of the day also.   Please know that there is plenty of room and everyone is welcome.  If you get there call JT 321-302-6659 or me 321-720-7283, we can meet you to lead you to us.  You may also let them know at the gate that you are with DAARA and that Kelly is expecting you.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Thanks,   Karen  Dunn
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