Posted on: Aug 23, 2019 at 11:42
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Ever wonder what Pastor Dudley has been up to lately? 
Following the Hurricane Michael and all the damage we are working on remodeling another home to move into. 
Progress was made outside the house with a new roof and fixed the porch with new steps. Then came the Hurricane...
moved the porch over 6 inches off the foundation, lifted the metal roof with every other panel up and down. So he had to start over and construct a new porch, new steps, and repair his new roof. Well it took a while.

The job was actually started in remodeling back in Feb of 2018. He did get to work a few days a week when serving his friends. Our ministry is helping people. Was going pretty good with a few days a week free to work on the house.

Then in August, I got run down by a truck while handing out commodities to the community. My right side was hit and brused, I was thrown into the air and somehow the back tire of the truck ran over my left foot. It had 3 bones broken in foot and heel. So for 4 months I sat in my lift and got waited on by Dudley my nurse. He made breakfast, lunch & dinner. Along with getting my meds & water he was a regular CNA. Our living room was a site, me in the lift chair, potty chair, walker, wheel chair, bone stimulator. Had a horrible time climbing up into our Yukon Denali. Doctor ordered no weight on that foot at all. After the 4th month the doctor had me start physical therapy as I could start using the walker but don't stand on the foot. How do you use a walker without your foot touching the ground. Hop, Hop, Hop on one foot to bed and like a 200 lb bunny hopping.

Hurrican Michael hit in October. We lost power and cell service. Thank God for the help our community received from Samaritans purse, Salvation army, Red Cross, and Janet at the Heaven Sent, and friends. All supplied us with meals and snacks to get us through the days. Our power came on after 2 weeks. 
It was about a week before we could get word to our family and friends by way of relays from one to another that we survived.

Therapy was supposed to be 3 xs a week but I only had a way to get to Panama City once a week. Exercised and tried to walk at home. Then used a bone stimulator which helped the healing. Now I walk but with a limp. At night I suffer with servere cramps and pains in legs and feet. Muscles in legs and foot had gotten hard like rocks. We are still working with it to help the pains. Drinking Gatorade zero, pickle juice, tonic water with quinine all together help somewhat.....

Well about 4 months after the storm Dudley was able to leave me for the day and get back working on our soon to be residence.

At 75 yrs old the energizer bunny (Dudley) has been doing plumbing, new wiring, floor construction, installing new light, new kitchen, new floor boards and new floors.

Currently finished the bathroom, kitchen and now starting on the dining room. Will be posting pics soon. 
We will get through it all with GOD's help.

We trust and obey and he will supply all of our needs.

Until next time... 

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