My Friend and Her Sunset Farm

Posted on: Jun 06, 2014 at 11:16
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This is my friend Frances Hodges who lives here in Wewahitchka.  She & her husband have the Sunset Farm.  They have lots of beautiful bunnies & fancy chickens.  Oh she has the usual white & brown & black rabbits but she has some exceptionally beautiful fancy animals.  The big guy below is a Giant Flemish Bunny.  There are New Zealand Cal Doe,NZ White Buck & NZ White Doe.  The chickens are various types, Silkies & Seramas, and I noticed a Belguim chicken with unusual plumes on her head.  (There were two of them on chicken farm we lived on in Indiana.)  Enjoy the pictures and note they are all for sale,  Even the big guy.  You can contact her through FB aka  Frances Hodges Sunset Farm. 


She has so many more unusual and beautiful bunnies, chickens & roosters.  Along with the animals she has all types of herbs that she sells.  

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