Posted on: Mar 10, 2014 at 08:40
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Did racing die on your watch?

Ask any nurse and they will tell you the most awful thing in the world is when someone dies on their shift.

With the long, long slump in the economy and kids more interested in phones than cars, racing has gotten a bit ill. I don't care what the trade magazines say, I spent the time and resources to do an extensive short track car count and the patient is pretty green around the gills.

Don't let racing die on your watch. Take a friend and a kid to a race! Talk up racing everywhere.

Spread the word to other racers about this board and others. In the end the enemy is not the other competitors, it's Netflix, movies, more and more TV channels and all the other things that want to entertain you.

We racers are all in this together. That is why I posted about the racing library to share the knowledge.

Did you know that people used to pay to go watch sports car races and they filled the tracks. Now sports car racers only have the other racers watching, plus there is no purse!!

Don't let short track racing die on your watch. Spread the word and regenerate the buzz. And it all starts right here!!

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