Posted on: Jun 07, 2013 at 06:40
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Where am I? Did I wake up in eastern Europe or perhaps Africa? I am certainly not in the USA, one nation under God and living under the founding fathers constitution. Government scandal every day. Spying on every form of media. IRS begging to be abolished. The news media hiding under a bushel. This administration should not only be removed but tried for treason. If every American is not sickened and filled with outrage then we have died and let them have what is left. The bones of our freedom have all but been picked clean. We don't need our guns, we have nothing left to protect.
We are contemplating ending the web ministry. Our prayer requests, news articles and ministry relationships are not for government hacks to mull over. Certainly being a gun owning, Christian pastor, veteran, father of 2 Marines, and registered conservative has to have me on a bunch of spy lists. Even worse, I listen to talk radio and have been photographed at a Tea Party meeting. Enough is enough and if this week's revelations does not get this country mobilized then we might as well put our heads in the sand and wait for them to erect the barbed wire. Stand up believers in God, Freedom and Christian values. I believe I hear the FBI at the door.
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