Posted on: Feb 23, 2014 at 10:19
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Well it's great to be back home again in Wewahitchka, Florida.  Our little town looked so good to us.  We arrived here on Thursday afternoon with a beautiful blue sky and white Cumulus clouds above and 71 degrees to welcome us home.  We have just one minor problem.... the water pipes here were busted from the freezing temperatures while it was freezing up in West Virginia; we were in a nice warm house with Dudley shoveling snow every other day and using 4-wheel drive to get up out of Mom's driveway.  So glad to not have that wet cold white stuff on the ground but instead have white hot gritty stuff on the ground here.  

So our good friends Gene & Paul fixed the water pipes to run in the bathroom & shower so we could have a nice warm wet shower when we got home.  Now this coming week we will concentrate on re-plumbing the washroom and the kitchen and getting back to normal living & normal cooking.  This eating out if for the birds. 

Yesterday we made our 30 mile trip to Panama City to get our groceries for the rest of the month. Several of our friends stopped by later to welcome us home.  it was a long day as we relaxed in our easy chairs.

Two days cramped in the car riding home I developed a muscle spasm in my left leg so unpacking will have to wait a few days.  But hopefully it will be relieved by the treatment of special cream and I can get the rest of the house back in shape.

Mom is out of the hospital now after 9 days of treatment following an accident in the nursing home.  She has a big goose egg on her forehead and red raccoon eyes and several bruises but no broken bones and that was a blessing. She celebrated her 91 birthday while in the hospital.  She is in dementia now and in a very special world of her own.  She seems happier than she ever was, enjoying the little kids and pets that SHE SEES all around her.  God bless her. 

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