Posted on: Feb 14, 2014 at 07:09
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Started this morning out with phone calls from the hospital.  As some of you know Mom has been admitted now after two days of observation.  She is having congestion in her chest so Doctor is keeping her there.  Plus she will have time to heal from the injuries.
Following a horrible accident in her wheelchair in the nursing home she was taken to the hospital to be check out.  A huge goose egg the size of a lemon on her forehead and lots of bruses and cuts on shoulder and hands.
She looked like a raccoon with red eyes the second morning.  The goose egg is still bleeding due to the blood thinners she is taking.  She looked like she was in a terrible car wreck. I would post a picture but it is so traumatic it might be unpleasant to some of you. If you are interested in seeing the pictures....email me and I will send you a few.  pastorswife47@gmail.com 
The second day, Wednesday,the doctor told us due to the fact that she will be 91 on Sunday and she has had open heart surgery years ago this type of injury could be life threatening.  Thursday she was in so much pain all over her neck and back and terribly dizzy.  I walked in and took her hand and said Hello Mom, and she said Oh Jeffrey I haven't see you in such a long time.   I said Mom it's me Nancy.  She said I thought you were Jeffrey but that's ok cause he is here playing everyday in my room anyways.  Today, Friday they had her sitting up a little in a chair and she was awake and ate lunch and talked about my baby coming in and out of her room.  (My baby is Jeff is 33 years old). But at least she has company wherever she is if you know what I mean.
We are hoping to be able to leave West Virginia on Sunday but then if there is a lot of snow we will stay longer.
Tonight my husband took me to an old place called State Line Restaurant..  They had a nice special of prime rib for couples.  It was the nicest meal we have had since we got here in Dec.  It was a nice Valentines day. We are anxious to get back to Wewahitchka and fix our busted frozen water pipes throughout the little house.
Take care and say a prayer for us.   Thank you and God Bless you all. 
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