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Posted on: Mar 08, 2014 at 09:12
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This is a note I received this morning from my friend..... thought you should hear about it.....  Was news to me. 

Just to explain that the seeds are not gmo seeds. In other words the seeds you can get about anywhere are altered. This means you cannot use the seeds year after year after say your flowers or squash have gone to seed they will not grow or produce the next year. Avocadoes can root and become a plant but it will not have more avocadoes. This all means big brother is becoming in charge of what we eat. There could very well be food shortages in the near future.
What I am saying is the is to get seeds that you can use every year.

Cotton is also genetically altered and the U.S. cannot grow it anymore. That is why there are polyester clothes in the stores. I had bought a sweat suit a couple of years ago at Wally world thinking it was cotton. It was made out of recycled plastic drink bottles. What a joke on me, after I washed it. It had a strange shape. I could not even wear it. Oh and watch out for socks, mine have to be thrown away after one wash...they might fit a one year old baby.

I am going to start making my own socks after throwing so much away.
I am also going to sew some of my own clothes as i hate polyester. So happens I got a bunch of fabric at the flea market. All cotton. Also got new cotton sheets at the flea market ..yes:-)

I hope Dudley has taken you to some flea markets or yard sales in your area. Finding sheets for two dollars was a good thing for me.
Just heard today that women in Russia are no longer allowed to buy or wear any lacy underwear. Some protested and went to jail. The government has closed the stores that sell it.

Anyhow I just wanted you to have heads up on the seeds. If you get the catalog there is a short article in it explaining the seed situation.
You really might find it interesting to Google non gmo seeds. There are lists of seed companies that we should not buy from. Monsanto is a big company and they have taken over most all seed companies. Very bad for us.

Most folks don't know about any of this and they need to know as some day they may very well regret not being a little self sufficient.

Oh and while I am on my kick, you know all chicken in this country is to be sent to china to be processed and sent back to us to more of it for me.

Okay I let you have it with all this and please don't lose sleep over it. Just looks like we are getting closer to meeting our Lord.

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