Posted on: Jun 11, 2013 at 06:37
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George Suprick:PST Competitor George Suprick of Clark Summit, PA was released from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center late on Sunday evening. Family friends transported George to his home where he has been instructed to relax and rest to let the healing process continue. George will be seen by his family care physician in the Clark Summit area to continue lab work and check ups. A trip is scheduled near the end of the month to be re-evaluated by the medical staff in Pittsburgh. The major concern is still with blood clots and this unfortunately will keep George out of the cockpit of his number 87 sprint car. After speaking with George last evening, he informed me that he plans to be back at the track overseeing the operation and progress of his young teammate Clint Ide along with owner Mark Ide. Cards and letters of encouragement will reach George at 1640 Forrest Acres Drive, Clark Summit, PA 18411 6/10
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