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Posted on: Oct 13, 2014 at 10:03
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Greg and I were sitting in the doctor's office on Tuesday waiting for news on my recent biopsy. It'd been a whirlwind of doctor's visits, ultra sounds and an "abnormal" report. The time between the biopsy and hearing the news of "cancer" or "no cancer" was heavy. Because of our strong belief in the sovereignty of God it was not with fear or dread, but the wait was heavy none the less. Before leaving for the doctor's office to learn the results of the biopsy, I sat at the piano and played that precious old hymn, "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" with great conviction, believing every word of it. Sitting on the music stand was another song titled "My Faith Still Holds." Right then and there I decided to play that chorus upon my return from the doctor. No matter the outcome. Cancer or no cancer. Because you see, my faith still holds. My faith is in God, not my circumstances. So, I left both song sheets on the piano music stand and went with Greg to the doctor. As we sat in the doctor's office waiting for the results the door opened and the doctor stood just inside the doorway with the radiologist report in his hands. He was reading it, scanning it up and down. He did not lift his eyes, but mumbled something softly. I could barely hear him so I asked, "Doctor, what did you say?" He looked up and said. "There is nothing." With a hopeful heart I asked again, "Doctor, would you repeat that?" He looked the report over thoroughly and repeated, "There is nothing. No cancer." Ah, the relief that flooded over both Greg and me. He explained that the abnormality the ultra sound revealed was most likely scar tissue. When we returned home, true to my word, I sat down at the piano and first played "Great is Thy Faithfulness" and then played "My Faith Still Holds." I played with the realization that I was experiencing immense gratitude to God for the outcome. I also thought about the extremely different type of emotions I would be experiencing had the outcome been different. The emotions may be different, the road Greg and I traveled would certainly be different, but God would (and does) remain the same. As long as my faith is in Him and not what happens to me, my faith will hold. I give thanks unto the Lord, I sing praises to His name, I shout of His lovingkindness and His faithfulness. (Ps. 92)

My faith still holds onto the Christ of Calvary,
Oh blessed Rock of Ages cleft for me.
I gladly place my trust in things I cannot see,
My faith still holds onto the Christ of Calvary.

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