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ByJeremy Elliott |
on October 30, 2013 at 9:45 PM, updated October 30, 2013 at 9:59 PM

We are only three weeks removed from Selinsgrove Speedway's last race, and it's already been a topsy-turvy offseason.

It started with rumors of a new lease and a new regime. It ended with news that the speedway was going to start the transition to a different division.

The latter is true. As for there being a new promoter, that talk officially ended when current promoter Charlie Paige announced that the headline 358 Sprint Car division was going to be joined by the 360s.

It's about time.

This move is long overdue. Not only are the 358 sprints goofy looking — it's hard to identify with the crazy shifted wings — Pennsylvania is the only state in which this this division headlines or even competes.

The 360 sprints are standard, and surprisingly popular, in every other area of the country. Bringing central Pennsylvania in line allows our guys to travel to Ohio or some other area for a weekend and invaders to do the same at our local tracks.

"There are too many divisions,” said Mark Smith, who runs 410s, 358s, 360s and wingless sprints. "That is why car counts are less and less. My feeling is it should be like the rest of the country that runs 410s, 360s and 305s.

"The pay is better, and you can race wherever you want and you don't need a special wing. If you have a 410 wing, you can run it on a 360.”

It could also cut costs.

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