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Prior to the release of the Groundhog Day movie starring Bill Murray in 1993, crowds generally topped 2000. In 1996, there were over 30,000 people present at Gobbler's Knob in little Punxsutawney, PA to see Phil come out and make his prediction.

Well Pastor is not a happy camper.  We were ready to leave Follansbee, West Virginia and head down to Florida. Our little house is waiting....  Got a call yesterday from our friend Paul who is taking care of and checking on the house; that the pipes are busted on washer on sunporch.  Then a second call that he repaired that and turned the water back on to find it was broken in two other places under the house....  So he and friend Gene Steele are headed to Panama City to get more fixtures to fix the broken pipes.  Well we will just pray no more broken when they attempt to get it back and running.

So here we are waiting to leave Follansbee on Monday night.  WHOOOPS !!!!  It has been snowing hard since early this morning.... went to church at the Nazarene Church of Follansbee.  hate to leave all those great Christian people.  Felt like we belonged right away and know we can come back anytime.... Well it is still snowing here at 2pm.  We are supposed to get about 3 inches today... then more on Thursday.  

Will this never end....  We heard our Vice President Joe Biden dropped the little varmint and that's why he is mad and giving us all these blizzard conditions.   That's enough...we have had enough...

Well we will see  Right now it is still snowing! and SNOWING!  and SNOWING!

Dudley said " I have had all the fun I can stand here"  "I am leaving for Florida for sure by Wednesday".

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