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by  Pastor Johnnie R. Newton  who wrote this poem years ago at Easter.  Revised it several times and not sure it is finished yet.  He said to use it or part of it in any way that will glorify the Savior.......

O Prophet Bard, in vision grand,
Behold the suffering Servant's pain
To come to earth, heaven left behind,
To live, to die, to live again.
Behold the Lamb

O shepherds quake on holy night,
As glorious Angels shout and sing,
Run now to Bethlehem and see
The newborn child, Lord, Savior, King.
Behold the Lamb

O Simeon wait in Temple holy,
And long to see Messiah's face.
Lord let him now depart in peace,
The Great High Priest stands in His place
Behold the Lamb.

See Calvary's hill, Golgotha's height,
Where evil men and demons trod
Behold the soldier's awesome fright,
"This is no doubt the son of God”.

O empty tomb, the stone rolled back.
Behold the vacant funeral bed.
Angels declare, He is not here,
He has risen, just as He said.
Behold the Lamb

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