An Evening With the Little Girls Sleepover

Posted on: Sep 27, 2014 at 06:20
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Friday evening was the little girls sleepover at the local Assembly of God church.  I was asked to help decorate on Thursday evening and to write a skit to present to them.  It was a fun evening and the skit turned out so cute.  Several advised me to write a childrens book about it.  So I might be trying a new venture.   

COWGIRL NAMED CINDY & SUGARPLUM THE MINI PONYWe planned on 32 little girls, but when registration was over we had 43.  We cooked over 200 chicken nuggets, made six boxes of mac & cheese.  Got all sticky as we made graham crackers into smores treats.  The theme was "Cowgirls & Lassoing Love for Jesus"

Getting ready for the fun to begin.  Older Cowgirls......Me & my friend Martha Mceachin     

Dee  Rich & Marcella Cowart ( the Coordinator)

Two more helpers   Amy P. helped with the girls  while  Ms. Libby Bozeman played piano and entertained with stories, while the girls were coming in to register.   

Let the fun begin...........

Feeding time.

Teaching Pint Sized Square Dancing

Ride-em Cowgirls !!!!!!!! 

Bandanas & hats & designing their treasure bags kept them busy while pictures were being taken on the horse.

Lots of booths and activities for them to enjoy.  After a  long evening of fun & games & winning prizes they moved to relaxing on their sleeping bags and watching a movie till they conked out for the night.   Mom's & Dad's picked them up early Saturday morning.

Several of the older girls came in to assist & be helpers along with several adult ladies.

Our Adult Crew workers, cooks, servers & jack of all trades at the corral. 

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