American Flag Next ?

Posted on: Jun 24, 2015 at 08:43
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The debate over the Confederate battle flag in South Carolina and elsewhere is not really about the banner itself, Rush Limbaugh says. And it won’t stop there, the radio host said during his show on Tuesday. One day, he said, what is happening to the rebel flag will come to pass for the American flag, too. To liberals, he added, the American flag “stands for the United States of America and, as such, everything that’s wrong with it.” “The American flag has flown over a slave nation much longer than the Confederate flag did, folks. The American flag has flown over all kinds of atrocities,” Limbaugh told his listeners, calling the Confederate flag “business” an “all-out assault on what the left thinks is a last remaining enclave of solid Republican voters, and that is the South.”

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