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Hey Dudley Balmer & Nancy DiGiacinto Balmer what's you opinion think it could go on your website?
I am asking, no begging, all of my facebook friends and family share this post and make it go viral so we can show this school that abuse against any child is NOT ACCEPTABLE! Please help me in my fight for justice for my son!! Autism is not excuse to abuse!!!

On Thursday 1-30-14 I received a phone call from the school stating that my son had a rough day and in a struggle may have a small mark on his neck. The principal also stated that my son told him his para was hurting him and choked him. Because of these statements the school had to investigate. My son came home from North Branch Elementary in North Branch Mi with bruises on his neck. The following day we told the school that we were calling the police to report the issue. A few hours later we received a phone call stating the school reported the incident to CPS and it was forwarded to the local police department. By 1 pm we were in the North Branch Mi police office so they could take my sons statement. 

During this interview the police officer tried getting him to say that what happened was because he wasn't behaving, we were asked "''you've never had to grab him like that?", told how this man, accused of putting bruises on my child's neck, was such a great nice guy!, and that people don't understand autism so sometimes these things happen, but they're really trying to figure something out for these kids. I couldn't believe it! No I don't EVER put my hands on my child like that, regardless of his behavior there should NOT be bruises anywhere, I don't care how "'great" this guy is, and I definitely don't think that not understanding autism is a valid excuse for abuse!! I've asked the MI State Police to take over, but they will not and this officer also asked me if I ever had to grab my son like that and again No I don't! Also the school has not suspended the man accused and wont let me see the video. In the CPS report it clearly states my son was restrained but the school continues to tell me he wasn't. They are trying to sweep this under the rug and I refuse to let them!! 




NO ONE SHOULD MAN HANDLE A CHILD LIKE THIS !!!!!!!!!!   Schools shouldn't sweep this under the rug just because the adult is well liked and has his tenure.    Your comments are welcome.

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