53 Years of Sprint Car Racing

Posted on: Feb 18, 2011 at 06:17
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Dudley & friend Randy Cronk of Michigan.        Dudley with Pancho Carter
Randy contributes articles, prayer requests           at Kokomo Speedway
& keeps us updated on happenings in the
northern sprint car world.

Dudley & Howdy Bell....  Howdy has            Johnny Parsons Jr. and Dudley...      Dudley and Florida's Top Gun Series
done the Indy 500 broadcasts on world               old time racing friends                     President Don Rehm
wide radio for over 4 decades. 

   2009 Top Gun Series Champion          Rick Leavell USAC Champion                    Nancy and Dudley     
  Ryan Partin and Dudley at                         with Pastor Dudley                        National Speedway Ministries
   at North Florida Speedway                                                                   participating in Tipton County Pork Festival

Pastor Dudley & track chaplain,              "And that's how it is in the world            Dudley with Swiontek 3 12
Pastor Carlos Stapleton prior to Dudley           of sprint car racing."

You push'em farther than you drive'em    
Bill Wendt delivering a worship service   Thanks Sue Yahnke.. hard to drive
donation in his antique helmet.                    with tears in my eyes.

               I still fit !!!!!                              Getting last minute instructions.                  Back home again.

#1 1978 STANTON DIRT CHAMP         Dudley and Nancy at the 2011 DAARA        Dudley in David Johnson's    
CAR OF DON BIGLOW AND PASTOR                                                                        Hillegass midget
SPRINT CAR..(Randy Harbaugh photo)

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