Posted on: Jun 22, 2012 at 12:32
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FOX News -

Denver mom Sarah Cohen says drawing sidewalk chalk art is one of her three-year-old daughter Emerson's "simple pleasures in life."

"It's definitely better than video games," Cohen told KCNC.

However, the homeowner's association in Cohen's neighborhood feels differently. They say Emerson's drawings -- usually of hearts and flowers -- are distracting and offensive blights on their community.

"My initial reaction was, 'You have to be kidding me," Cohen said.

The association, called Innovations and Courtyard Traditions at Stapleton, temporarily banned children from drawing on sidewalks, saying anything that offends, disturbs or interferes with the peaceful enjoyment is not allowed on shared space. 

NOTE: I guess that if the color of my truck offends you it has to go as well. Strange times my friends. Strange times.

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