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Indianapolis Motor Speedway...

The Bonneville Indy Car Crew


A.J. Watson with Pastor John Dockery



Nancy & Dudley with the Bonneville Car      

    Bill Wendt talking to Jimmy(Jeep)Knapp




Gigantic Wind turbines....

Look at the size compared to the size of the cranes below it !!

Pastor John & Dudley looking at the Ford double over head

cam Indy car motor.

Really brisk weather today.  Pastor John, Dudley, Janis and I drove to Indianapolis..

Started off with a visit to Walter's Race Car Restorations fabricating shop.  We all went to lunch at a really neat place in the town of Speedway Indiana; while he entertained us with the inside stories of Indy car racing. The decor was racing helmets, parts of car bodies attached to the ceiling and all types of memoribilia and photos of drivers and was really interesting checking it all out while waiting for our great fish sandwich.

Stopped in the Hostess Bakery shop and got Dudley some Ding Dongs.

We returned to Walter's shop and what an interesting place.  We were given the grand tour and took lots of pictures of cars he is working on and restoring and all the stories behind the cars.  Cars previously driven by big name drivers and teams.  Check out the pics below.

After leaving Walter's shop we headed back to Indianapolis Motor Speedway main gate, where we were meeting the 1959 A.J. Watson replica created by Dave Johnson, Bill Wendt and Jerry Carbone (all members of our DAARA organization).  They went to attempt an Indy car roadster record on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. They ran the first pass at 181 mph(which would have been enough for the record) but failed to make the needed second pass because of engine problems.  It was a great reunion with the crew from Florida.  Jimmy (Jeep) Knapp & Glenda Lacer drove up from Evansville, IN to be with them and take lots of pictures.

Legend Indy car builder, A.J. Watson 89yrs old who was involved in the entire construction of the car was there for the photo shoot and to sign autographs.  Pastor John renewed his friendship with A.J. from seasons gone by at the speedway and the USAC dirt series. Pastor John enjoyed meeting the team and particularly talking to former drag car legend Bill Wendt.  (Enjoy the pictures)



Glass Festival 2012 Elwood Indiana

Covered Bridge  Nancy & Janis Dockery


 Monday...Back home again in Indiana

August 13 Monday

Started day off with working on the computers again.

Evening for dinner Chris took us to a very unique place called The Industrial Revolution.  With life size steel sculptures of the iron workers who built the twin towers across the top of the building and the front front built with steel beams.  Inside the entrance way was a life size steel man sitting on a bench as shown in the picture below. Walking in to the restaurant we saw all types of pictures of how the steel fabric of our country was put together.  There were videos running in view of each table of inventors and mechanical history.




August 6

After leaving there we decided to run by Rick Ferkle's house.  He is one of the original World of Outlaws.  He is known as the "Ohio Traveler". And for not seeing Dudley for at least 15 yrs he walked out and said .... Hello Dudley how are you?    He had with him Christopher Bell, his new young driver from Oklahoma.  We'll be watching for this young man to excel with a great mentor like Rick.  The zero "O" lives on.


MON Aug 6:  Bright and early we headed off in Gene's truck to the famous Kear's Racing Shop in Tiffin, OH.  We walked in on a busy Monday morning and met Shirley Kear's daughters Vicki Wickham and Micki Tusing and grandson Craig Tusing working behind the counter.  Craig was working so diligently while Vicki gave us the grand tour of the shop.  Lots of memories for Dudley.  We missed seeing Shirley as she had already left for Knoxville, Iowa for the Knoxville Nationals... home of the Sprint Car Hall Of Fame which will be this coming weekend.

July 29...SUNDAY:  After our host Gene Steele fixed us breakfast, we drove to Gibsonburg to visit Dudley's long time racing friend, Johnny Beaber. We spent time with John, wife Pam, son Tony and family at the Beaberbuilt complex.  Also got the first look at my dirt modified project car which we will be bringing home to Florida.  Ended up the day with Gene cooking steaks on the grill for us.


                  Dudley & Johnny Beaber                                                                  Tony Beaber & his son

July 28 Saturday

RAIN  RAIN........... RAIN....STORM......RAIN......  Most of the day Friday and through the night.     The track was almost ready a few times but the rain came again and the stand areas were flooded...Trucks and haulers started to pull in but "Rain" came again hard and steady and this time ...............RACE was CANCELLED !!!

We had a great visit with Pastor (Chaplain) Bill Beck and his charming wife Judy.  She is a miracle, as her doctor said with her healing after her serious surgery last year, which developed into complications. (Prayer works.) Enjoyed reminiscing and hearing Dudley and Bill talk about all the drivers from this area, whom Dudley drove with years ago.  Saw the sparkle in their eyes as they remembered Lou Blaney, Dave & Dale... awesome family.  They also remembered Gus Linder and the four generations of the Matus family, Johnny Beaber western Pennsylvania great, Rick Ferkle and many more.

That was an enjoyable 2 hours spent with Bill and Judy.  We continue to pray for their health and follow Bill as he ministers and touches so many lives of racers and fans at these tracks and off.

Sat Morning ....  Fixed a nice big breakfast and we will soon be on our way to Mercer speedway. Looking forward to a dry day...and a race tonight.

             Pastor Bill & Judy Beck

July 24 Tuesday

Finishing up on Mom's house and getting ready to leave Thursday for a Friday night race at Lernerville  Speedway and Mercer Speedway on Sat night.  We will be joined at both events by Chaplain Bill Beck and wife Judy.  Last year she was unable to leave the house but this year through God's healing she will be joining us at the tracks.  Looking forward to meeting with this great couple who do God's work at the tracks.


Monday July17

Monday was a calm day.  Dudley & I ran errands for Mom and worked around the house.

Tuesday.... well it is sooo  hot here today.  Heat advisory for the area.... till 9 pm tonight.

Started off this morning with receiving several phone calls from racing community friends...

Got a late start for Pennsylvania but we were back by 1:30pm....

Grandma said "Tell Dudley to stay out of the heat and sun !"    so what does he do ??

See for yourself......


Great seeing my long time friend Debbie West.  Friends since 1968 we have stayed in contact.

July 9 Monday

Spent the night at Dudley's neice's house and with his brother near Princeton, WV.


 LARRY BEATTY & BROTHER DUDLEY BALMER (Separated when Dudley was 11 mos old... met at 38 yrs old.)

Applachian Mountains in WV.

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